TDF Sanctions Loan for Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC)

Town Development Fund (TDF) Sanctions Loan for Biratnagar Metropolitan City (BMC) for “Sewerage and Drainage Network, and Waste-water Treatment plant”

Under ADB line of financing the project scope covers a) sewer pipe line network of 62,835 meter to collect sewerage form municipality to treatment plant including 5,930 house connection, b) storm water drainage network of around 40,000 meter of new line including cleaning and maintenance of existing drain of 41,000 meter and c) waste water treatment Plant.

The projects objective is to implement urban environment program on an integrated basis, in the project areas including sewerage system improvement, storm water drain improvement, waste- water treatment, and road/lanes improvement. It also includes community development programs such as awareness raising in health and hygiene and waste management using 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle), investment in small scale community facilities and strengthen capacity of the Biratnagar Metropolitan City, the gateway city of eastern Nepal.

Mayor of BMC Mr. Bhim Parajuli and Executive Director of TDF Mr. Maniram Singh Mahat signed the additional loan agreement for the project equivalent to NRs. 62,145,381.82 on 14th December 2017 at office of Town Development Fund, Kathmandu.

The revised cost of project with variation and VAT is NRs. 2,956,290,542.71. Total loan from TDF will be about NRs. 325,191,959.7 only (11% of total project cost).