The Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (STWSSSP-1, 2, 3), with financing support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), is being implemented to provide quality water and sanitation services benefiting over 1.2 million people in 70 small towns with construction and upgrading of water pipes, treatment facilities and household connections, as well as septic tanks, drainage and public awareness campaigns. The second phase (SSTWSSSP) project is targeted to infrastructure improvements in 21 towns, which covers the population of 335,000 including Narayan Town of Dailekh District, Nepal.
The Executive Director of Town Development Fund (TDF), Mr. Maniram Singh Mahat, and the Chairperson of Narayan Water Supply and Sanitation Users Association (WUSA) Mr. Balaram Shrestha signed an additional loan agreement of NRs. 21,094,000 on 31th December 2017, amidst a function held in the office of TDF, New Baneshwore, in the presence of representatives from of the WUSA and senior officials of TDF. Total approved loan for Salyan is NRs. 105,488,986.00. The maturity of the loan will be 25 years with 5 year grace period. This loan amount is equal to 35%- 45% of the total project cost, for 5% interest rate. The WUSA will receive 50% of total project cost from the Government of Nepal (GoN) as grant and 5% is already matched by the users committee as upfront cash deposit.
The project delineation of service area covers the ward no 1-9 of Narayan Municipality, ward no. 2,4,5,and 6 of Bhawani VDC, ward no. 8 and 4 of Kharigaira VDC, ward no. 8 of Baluwatar VDC and ward no. 2 of Raniban VDC with 24 hours continuous supply of potable water, as recommended by Nepal Drinking Water Quality Standard (NDWQS) guidelines. The project will directly benefit the population of 16,073 living in 2,704 households, fulfilling the estimated demand. The major components of the project includes, Intake, Collection Chambers, Break Pressure Tanks, Sedimentation tanks , Rapid sand filters, Transmission pipeline, Distribution system, RCC Reservoir, House Connections, Community Tap Stands, Guard House, Electric facilities and necessary appurtenances. The project is currently at the 2nd stage which means Operation and Maintenance (O & M) Phase.TDF will be supporting Narayan WUSA in sustainable operation of the utility by extending technical support in the days to come.